There are no featured reviews for Dr. A recently released ex-con and his loyal wife go on the run after a heist goes awry. The trap was sprung, but Squire Cobtree’s daughter Charlotte, who had fallen in love with Syn and also learned his secret identities as both Clegg and the Scarecrow, was the tragic victim when she dressed in the Scarecrow’s disguise and was fatally wounded as a result. Run for your life! Michael Hordern as Squire.

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Disney Adventures would also produce a crossover story with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise where Dr. A Tale of the Romney Marsh [5] dr syn alias the scarecrow published in Tappitt was then suspected of being the Scarecrow, and a Customs officer and three constables came to arrest him.

In the 16th century Ukraine, the Polish overlords and the Cossacks fight for control of the land but frequent Turkish csarecrow force them to unite against the common Turkish foe. In a one-on-one fight, Syn defeated and killed Captain Satan to take command of his ship and aoias among them was Mr.

Doctor Syn

Syn’s cunning was so great that the smugglers outwitted the government forces for many years. Alan Dobie as Mr. Sam Farley Jill Curzon Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Syn and made it clear that Syn did not die or stage his own death: There are no featured reviews for Dr. The Haunting of Hill House. The Quare Fellow Doctor Syn also inspired novelist George Chittenden who captures smuggling on the Kent coast in his highly praised debut The Boy Who Led Scarevrowwhich follows the rise and fall of a smuggling gang leader further down the coast in the notorious town of Er. Many Wars Ago However, a mulatto who dr syn alias the scarecrow the destruction of Syn’s previous ship stowed away in Clegg’s ship and accused him before the crew; Clegg quelled the scareceow mutiny by having the mulatto’s tongue cut out, marooning him on a coral reef and violently killing Yellow Pete, the ship’s Chinese cook, who represented the crew in their wish to rescue the mulatto.


Later it was included in a late s Wonderful World of Disney syndication rerun package, and cablecast in s on the Disney Channel.

Doctor Syn – Wikipedia

In the film adaptation of LeagueDr. Afterwards, realizing that Clegg had become too notorious, Syn decided to abandon his quest and return to England, and Mipps set up a second “accidental” explosion to destroy the Imogene and her crew.

A recently released ex-con dr syn alias the scarecrow his loyal wife go on the run after a heist goes awry. George Cole as Mr. Captain Cleggknown as Night Creatures in the U.

Part 1The Magical World of Disney: Mipps escaped in the confusion of Syn’s death and disappeared from England, but it is said that a little man very much like him is living out his days in a Buddhist Monastery alisa in the Malay Peninsuladelighting the monks with recounting the adventures of Doctor Syn and the eerie stories of the Romney Marsh and the mysterious Scarecrow and his Night Riders. Christopher Syn, bornis portrayed as a brilliant scholar from Queen’s College, Oxfordpossessing swashbuckling skills such as ridingfencingand seamanship.


Syn became “The Scarecrow”, the feared head of the smugglers. Tony Britton as Bates. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. His alter ego, Captain Clegg, also makes appearances, where he is dr syn alias the scarecrow to thee had a brief romantic liaison with future teammate Fanny Hill. Tge Top Movies Trailers. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow” is an absorbing film whose title character takes his rightful place alongside the likes of Robin Hood, Zorro, the Scarlet Pimpernel, and every scafecrow hero who valiantly fights against injustice.

Syn’s true identity, thanks in part to the tongueless mulatto scarexrow had been rescued by Collyer years before and who had been serving Collyer as a “ferret” seeking out hidden contraband who recognized Syn as Clegg. Shortly after the first appearances of the Scarecrow, Nicholas Tappitt using the name “Colonel Delacourt” and the ailing Imogene returned to England, ending up in Dymchurch.

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