Asked by pnils , April 11, In the Advanced layout, to further customize your project use the Attributes window to set Menu and Button properties. Once you’ve arranged your assets, inserted chapters, and created menus, a simple one-click routine burns it to disc. Introduction to Green Screen — What it is and how it works. And with playlists, you can re-use the same movies in multiple ways on a single DVD. DVDit has an accessible interface that makes menu design and linking a snap. Asked by Merv Hodgson , November 9,

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DVDit Pro 6 Download

Its stock menu designs are slick and handsome dvdit pro 6, and easy to customize, or you can create your own unique menus from scratch using layered Photoshop files, individual images, buttons, frames, masks and other graphic objects. It isn’t perfect, but if you’ve reached the limits of your consumer authoring program, or are frustrated by the interface complexity of your current higher-end program, DVDit is worth a look.

Asked by DastrongMay dvdit pro 6, Explore Questions Popular questions from the past month Questions with no best answer. Both programs trailed Adobe Encore, however, which produced the same disc in While the eDVD 4 is quietly bundled as an ancillary addition to the core DVDit Pro program, it’s arguably the most powerful program in the box. But in our opinion, the added features in DVDit Pro make it worth the extra money.

Please enter your name here. Asked by bettensDecember 1, Asked by ccoleMarch 25, It’s a solid DVD authoring package for those who have outgrown consumer-level offerings, dvdit pro 6 don’t want or need the complexity of a professional package. For example, you can have a Clip menu to select individual movies to be played, and also have a Play All button to play through a list of them.


There are many factors that contribute to getting a good looking shot. DVDit’s key strength is its interface, which is flexible and clutter-resistant. Sonic has updated DVDit’s menu design capabilities, with greater font customizability, ddvdit ability to incorporate images and video, and enhanced Photoshop support.

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Asked by melissaSeptember 28, Similarly, you prk set menus to be timed, so if no selection is made they will time out and dvdit pro 6 on to begin playing a default movie. DVDit Pro also allows for the creation of multimedia slideshows. But there is room for improvement.

Setting your white balance correctly saves time and frustration when it comes time pgo edit and opens up artistic options in the field.

Sonic Solutions DVDit Pro 6 DVD Authoring Software Review – Videomaker

Alignment and placement tools are very strong, with a Paste Attribute function that makes short work of standardizing buttons and text within a menu. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Twitter testing button to switch between chronological and algorithmic timelines The test is currently live for dvdit pro 6 iOS users.

And you can add subtitles displayed over the video, as easily as clicking in the subtitle track and typing the text in the Edit Subtitles dialog. Become a fan of PCMag. The Best Password Managers of Creating one strong password that you can remember is hard enough; doing And you can reorganize the dvdi and save them as workspace layouts.


DVDit Pro 6 has a bit of learning curve, but with its tutorials and a little trial and error, you should be able to learn its powerful secrets. The Project and Palette windows use a visual Thumbnail view to preview your assets and DVD elements, though you can also switch to a Details view, with a hierarchical list of Menus and nested buttons, Titles and chapters, and Playlists and movies. When played back on a set-top player, the DVD plays as originally authored — the eDVD links are ignored, so you may want to include some screens to explain how to play the enhanced disc.

You also really should consider taking the step up to DVDit Pro 6, even dvdit pro 6 you don’t need multiple audio tracks or subtitles. Dolby Digital support Encoding: Both programs trailed Adobe Encore, however, which produced the same disc in Subtitle problems and crashing when deleting objects Asked by pnilsApril 11, Log into your account.

The UI features an updated project window dvdit pro 6 a tree view that contains a clear blueprint of your DVD.