She is constantly accompanied by her faithful Angelo. During the play performed by a traveling theatrical troupe in Rivombrosa, which all the nobles attend, two of the Duke’s men attack Elisa in order to get information about the documents. Retrieved from ” https: Because of this, Elisa decides to go back to the village, to live with her mother and sister. He makes its own orders and requests to Elisa, such devotion as to Fabrizio. The Count trust him implicitly and entrusts to his care the safety of the occupants.

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Angelo is waiting in the street with two horses for help them escape. Elisa returns to Rivombrosa, where Alvise Radicati locked his wife in her room. PiemonteItaly When Elisa disappears one night, and the search does not yield zaison, Fabrizo gives way to despair.

Guido and Maurizio De Angelis. Lucrezia decides to kill Elisa, because it is the only obstacle to her happiness with Fabrizio and to the top of power. His friend Giulio, though, makes him think about Antonio Ceppi’s condition and how his marriage ended, and Fabrizio gives up his idea.

Rivombrlsa problem, however, is Elisa’s social condition.

When Fabrizo puts him in a critical position, Count Drago killed himself with his elisa di rivombrosa saison 1 Fabriza. This makes the Count to decide not to expose their common happiness to any more risks and wants to return the list to Count Drago. Fabrizio is visited in prison by Lucrezia, who tells him that she loves him, but his heart is only for Elisa. A model attribution edit summary using German: Fabrizio then goes home to the beautiful Estate of Rivombrosa, where everyone is pleased to see him after so long.


Angelo takes a fake list and the pendant from the neck of Elisa and then give them to the Ranieri; but Angelo refuses to be paid. In the morning, along with Angelo they go to Rivombosa to take the list.

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Meanwhile, in Turin, Ranieri try again to force Fabrizio to give him the list of conspirators. Fabrizio is thrown into prison, although it is threaten him with death, refuses to give the list to Ranieri.

Elisa di Rivombrosa episode 21 part 1 by soso 11 years ago 22, views. The two lovers decide to get married secretly in Rivombrosa and ask Father Tognino to celebrate the ceremony.

Capitolo 1

Clelia do ssaison realize that Therese is a spy of Ranieri. He manages to escape but gets hurt and falls into a river. Lucretia takes Martino with her, making him a page to her. There in the square before the Bussani Palace they play a scene, Angelo “killing” Elisa and take her letters with the fake list. What Other’s looking for?

Anna Ristori, Agnese’s daughter, is jealous of the privileged relationship Elisa has with the countess who took her at her service as her lady companion although Elisa was only a maid. Along the way they kill one of the farmhands, that Martino finds and rushes to Fabrizio and Elisa’s bedroom to tell what he has seen. Now there is nothing left to prevent the marriage of Fabrizio and Elisa. At Elisa di rivombrosa saison 1, the commander comes to ask Fabrizio to testify about the death of Gulio Drago.


Elisa wants to give the letters to the saisln, but then Ranieri threatens the King and Elisa.

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Seeing the barrel of a gun at a window, he runs to prevent the killer from shooting the king, while Elisa yells to warn the king’s guards. Then Fabrizio being angry goes to Elisa di rivombrosa saison 1 asking her to give explanation; then Lucrezia openly professes his love to him, capturing him entirely off guard.

Elisa di Rivombrosa 2×02 – part3 by soso 11 years ago 17, views. At the time of Count Drago vows he tries saiskn interrupt the ceremony, but Ristroi him back. When they enter in the courtyard, Elisa points out the open window in the library, and a lighted candle in the kitchen, which raised its alert.

In this situation, Elisa went to Rivombrosa with Angelo and they searched in the library, but does not know that Fabrizio put the list elsewhere.