Mi Yirisis Ksana By berrin in forum Greek lyrics translation. Sto pa kai sto ksanaleo has been described by many as a love song, although the truth is that it probably reflects the feelings and reality of the people involved in exile, people who left to immigrate to another country in order to seek for a better future and life. I would love to have this lyrics but in greek characters, that would be awesome. Hello, this song is by Pax Lax featuring Giorgos Dalaras. Originally Posted by Polyxena.

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Скачать MP3 бесплатно: YouTube-Giorgos Dalaras Sto pa kai sto ksanaleo

Here is the translation someone did for me. Posted By IgorAppilat 2 replies They were sending letters to their mothers and fathers, usually consoling and comforting them, sometimes telling them things that were far from real. Giorgos Dalara s sings Ksanaleeo pa kai sto ksanaleoa traditional Greek song, which means I told you this and I am telling you again.

Im a massive Greek culture fan. Posted By wurzlsepp 0 px Yesterday, Giorgos dalaras sto pa kai sto ksanaleo would love to have this lyrics la in greek characters, that would be awesome. Mi Yirisis Ksana By berrin in forum Greek lyrics translation. Both Pyx Lax and Dalaras are Greeks. There are many versions, from xaris alexiou, eleftheria arvanitaki, ntalaras and pyx lax, thalassinos and many other cover versions from live concerts.


Sto ‘pa Kai Sto Ksanaleo (Στο ’πα και στο ξαναλέω) (English translation)

Also, does anyone know who the singer is in the following YouTube. The most charming creatures on this earth. Login Trouble New Rules? All times are GMT When i downloaded the full calaras of Pyx Lax this song was there in the file called “Dalaras and Pyx Lax”. Just a question about the song, not the translation, but it’s about the burning down of the city of Smyrna?

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Do you, or any other people for that matter, have any suggestions as to where i can find this song? Maybe this is originally his song On the net there’s no source that suggests such a thing; personally I lsanaleo it’s a love song talking about the fears of women when their beloved ones were going to embark. Giorgos Dalaras, not to get it confused but is it Pyx Lax?

These people were sending back letters and money, telling their stories at these new places.

Sto ‘pa Kai Sto Ksanaleo Lyrics

Originally Posted by Polyxena. Originally Posted by Amethystos. Does anyone know where I might find piano sheet music for this beautiful song?

You might want to try emule as well. Sto pa kai sto ksana leo Ships were leaving Greece between andbringing people to foreign lands, people who were leaving their houses in order to find a better life somewhere else. Allow me to make some giorgos dalaras sto pa kai sto ksanaleo, just to aid making sense of this song “kai se parei kai diaveis And it takes you away and you leave” “Ki an me parei pou me paei And if it takes me, where does it take me?


If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. How are you doing there, on the other side of the Atlantic? The time now is Personnally, i like the pantelis thalassinos cover version of the song. The handkerchief that becomes a sail, is a common reference in Greek songs and art, reflecting a wish for a good and safe journey. The only women who can show what they feel and, they do feel.