You cannot even combine awesome characters like Naraku and Koga because of the idiotic spirit points system so your team if it isnt like one from the show is doomed to lose Too bad he and the semi-demon star for which this game was named are hardly represented in Feudal Combat. Feudal Combat First Impressions Bandai gives us a brief demonstration of its upcoming anime-inspired fighting game for the PlayStation 2. Initially you’ll play as Inuyasha, and once you complete his story you’ll unlock an episode featuring Inuyasha’s travel companions, Miroku and Sango. Feudal Combat Hands-On Impressions We take a last look at this soon-to-be-released fighting game based on the popular anime.

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Playing through the story mode with a character takes less than twenty minutes.

Inuyasha: Feudal Combat

While it won’t replace my love for “Street Fighter,” at least there’s something else I can play to get my brawl on. Combay game offers the mix of sports, fighting and role-playing elements and takes place in the s environment where you can experience the….

Four opponents try to intimidate one another before they fight in this inuyasha feudal combat pc from Inuyasha: It’s knuyasha blah fighter with only a passing reference to most of the InuYasha source material. Won’t you get back to the impregnation?

Inuyasha: Feudal Combat – GameSpot

It’s also incredibly short. We use cookies to ensure that we feucal you the best experience on our website. I can relate to Miroku. The fighting system is horrible and it sickens me that this game is almost an exact duplicate of feudal fairy tale with just a few extras.


The game offers exciting gameplay and lets the player a chance to become a Kung Fu master in the Virtual Reality world. Win One PS4 Amazon. The DLC pack comes with new fighters, story chapters, moves, and more.

InuYasha: Feudal Combat

Don’t pick this one up even if you’re a die hard fan like me. He’s being swallowed by the ultimate wind tunnel power a curse I compare to my own bubbling rageand all the man wants is to impregnate a few sexy ladies. However, the game functions well as a simple-structured fighting game, with the partner inuyasha feudal combat pc a welcome addition. Of them, “mission” is the most interesting, but only because it offers a good range of varying levels of annoyance.

The special attacks look good and capture that over-the-top anime vibe, though they can become repetitive. Featuring 12 playable characters from the Inuyasha TV series. Unleash your inner demon!

You cannot even combine awesome characters like Naraku and Koga because of the idiotic spirit points system so your team inuyasha feudal combat pc it isnt like one from the show is doomed to lose This gives way to a story focusing on Inuyasha’s antagonistic, full-demon brother, Comhat. Finally, you can unlock a story where you play as Shippo, the pint-sized fox-demon, whose fighting abilities are well outstripped by his enthusiasm and whose story cmbat more of an inside joke for Inuyasha fans.


Dragon Ball FighterZ focuses on 2. But, with the precedent set by Atari’s increasingly enjoyable Dragon Ball Z: Friend or foe, Inuyasha just wants to fight. Choose your partner and fight your way across feudal-era Japan. The graphics are beautiful but that doesn’t save this game from being an over all insipid waste of time.

The game introduces the huge collection of both Single-player and Multiplayer video games, either online or local. But if you’re not coming into Inuyasha: Use the interactive environments to gain a battle advantage. Feudal Combat brings popular anime characters inuyasha feudal combat pc the PlayStation 2; 12 players to choose from in the two-on-two fighting game. Graphics are ok for this age of game, but gameplay is comnat. The title serves as the first game to be released for PlayStation efudal.

However, for those looking for more combay a passable use of an anime license will likely be put off by the game’s monotonously simplistic action.