The same with instrumental recitals as well. The difference between the two angs are apparent in the style of rendering. The village teenagers have always lived in their world around Vrindavan and Krishna. Lord Krishna has left Vrindavan to take care of His kingdom in distant Dwarka. Then he flipped up the corner of the mattress of his cot and pulled out from below a stack of beedis, asked for my permission and lighted one up. Thanks for the reading and listening experience. Without Him the sakhis are distressed beyond consolation.

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My quest for Thumri, however, had brought me to a narrow lane with ramshackle little houses on both sides in the Hussainabad area of ancient Lucknow. But who is going to go all the way to Dwarka ehyam implore Kanhaiya to come back to His Brajabhumi, Vrindavan? His fingers, which gato resting on his knees, started moving with the rhythm of the Thumri going on in his mind right then. Krishna is delighted to see His sakhi from Vrindavan.

You see, Birju Maharaj, being a Kathak dancer, is also a great tabla player and a singer. His gaze, however, was not confined to kaun gali gayo shyam little room, but wandered through time and space, through the resplendent music halls of ornate havelis, garden houses and concert halls.


Kamal Amrohi roped him in to give background score kaun gali gayo shyam the film after the death of Ghulam Mohammed – the original song composer for this film. I relented since otherwise he might not take his paan and cigarette.

But his son Sauqat refused the lure of jobs and instead took up the sarangi. The furrows of his forehead had softened.

I am a tabla player. Posted by HarmoNYom at And that spirit got the better of Krishna, for He, the King Krishna, impulsively decided to play prank on Lalita.

He offered me both. Then as if on the wings of the gentle wind, the Thumri form of classical rendering spread kaunn of Awadh in both easterly and westerly directions.

Kaun Gali Gayo Shyam – Prabha Atre by Veejay Sai | Free Listening on SoundCloud

So, Lalita, the galo village girl, takes up the arduous journey to Dwarka. Newer Post Older Post Home. Ashis Dutta goes in search of the forgotten ones.

In the west it is the Punjabi ang. The village teenagers have always lived in their world around Vrindavan and Krishna. SGK December 11, at 2: However, the soul of Thumri in both the angs is seeped in sringar rasa the sensuous.

Admin May 8, at I was sitting across Gafoor Mian. To defuse the atmosphere, I ask him to sing a Thumri before I leave. Kaun gali gayo shyam by Biswajit Dasgupta. Each Thumri, that romantic, sensuous genre of classical music, has a story associated like the one above. There are very few Thumri concerts.


A singer could play the tabla, and sarangi and tabla players could sing as well. After kaun gali gayo shyam full cycle shya, a raaga or two, the instrumentalist plays some Thumri. The single-room house might have seen better days.

Kaun Gali Gayo Shyam

Whereas the purab ang doles out a swaying continuum where one kaub gently embraces the other. And true to its association with the Krishna of Vrindavan, the Braja-bhasha, or the language of Braja the region of Mathura and Vrindavan became the diction of Thumri.

A soft smile broke in the freckles kaun gali gayo shyam his face. Gafoor Mian looked up to the left corner of the ceiling where a solitary wall lizard was ambling.