Why did you bring me here? No gas no cooking, no food! Our daughter s very lucky. Fix it fast, I’m getting late. By mistake l’ve given someone else’s photo to you, if you don’t mind, will you please return it, sir?

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You keep quiet, vastadu naa raju english subtitles always something while dining only. Innumerable murders and kidnaps, why did I do? Darling slipped and fell down? Don’t try to make me believe it, I don’t want to hear it. Are raiu fine, my dear? Why are you chanting my name?

I got tensed all these days without knowing who you were. You’re not a gas delivery boy but Sai Baba of Shirdi! You fear if Pooja has eaten or not so, you’re not feeling hungry. You were ready to elope with him, without knowing who he is?


You told me to say yes or okay to everything he says. Silly class two and such a big flashback for it. Ran out of petrol again? I want Pooja, l want Narasimha’s sister Pooja, that’s it!

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eglish You didn’t see our home, right? Where did I keep it? But who will go to her home to bring those things? Will you hold collar if you find one? We must be equals, right?

All my concentration is on you How can you do like this? I took care of you like father and mother.

Subtitles for Vastadu Naa Raju

Yogi Vemana who made even children recite sweet Telugu poems. Look, you’ll marry Home Minister’s son I’ve chosen for engish. You go with her, I’ll have peace. I don’t know him but l know the smell emanating from him. Devotion is enough, no need of coconuts. I didn’t tell them everything under the influence of drinks, did l? Let’s arrange the cake. Please check it yourself, sir.


Vastadu Naa Raju – – English Subtitles

You keep fighting with them, I’ll get petrol. What about my recommendation?

Look at her nose! Sister is fastadu life! Though there are so many in the world, why should I loved only you? Save me, they’re killing me! Anyway you know about my dad.