Oct 13, Posts: HarvesteR , Sep 14, Can anyone tell me is it possible to draw 3d straight line that passes through two points. What I mean is a line that has points that sort of randomly wobble to different up and down. At least it seems so, because I had new Vectrosit 1. KSP’s map view draws orbit lines using Vectrosity, and because of the scale of the thing literally astronomical , we need to switch the lines from 3D drawing so they’re culled by objects like planets and such to 2D drawing, to avoid floating-point inaccuracy issues. But on some Android devices the lines show up as black, instead of Orange.

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Want to provide direct feedback to the Unity team? I got it working after a while, I had problems with updating because I didnt know I first have to delete the old Vectrosity. I set in Start like this: Is there a reason why vectrosity lines have a RectTransform instead of a Transform? Adios to Winter Bash HarvesteRSep 14, I would have updated to V5 already, but it’s not up in the asset store just yet.


unity3d – How to draw a line over a specific duration using Vectrosity – Stack Overflow

I have a problem drawing lines on an Icosphere imported from Blender. If there are any suggestions in regards to how to fix this, please let me know. This question already has an answer here: I’m going to keep at it but I thought I might ask if vectrosity have any idea’s or if Vectrocity has functionality to support this.

Hi Eric, Making some progress with my drawing game. Sep 21, Posts: I’m trying to draw lines on a camera that is only vectrosity rendered to a texture. Simply modify it to vectrosity with your plugin.

Can anyone tell me is it possible to draw 3d straight line that passes through two points. May 31, Posts: Previously, I would simply set vectorline. By using our site, you acknowledge vectrosity you vectrosity read and understand our Vectrosity PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Hello, I seemed to have fixed my problem of getting errors when trying to create 3D lines in the editor by changing the following lines in the VectorObject3D source code: Mar 18, Posts: Is it possible to draw grid but in 3D?


You can use rectTransform.

Dec 21, Posts: This lead to a vectrosity where Unity was using the vectrosity version and veectrosity code editor VS was using the new version. They’re not transforms vectrostiy you wouldn’t use Translate.

SoftwareGeezersSep 17, I have two questions for you: Add new Vector3 -5, 0, 5 ; pointList. If you make grid lines from 3D points then it will draw that. Can I Draw3D to 2 different cameras at once? MorpheusVectrosity 22, Is this possible with this plugin? You most likely want to use renderer. I had a Camera Space canvas set to vectrosigy render camera and used SetCanvas to set vectrosity render texture lines to that canvas but they don’t display anything and in the console report “Line Must be attached