Or you can contact us to get the information. Interfaces Include topics for interfaces. XML which can be processed later by other tools. Fully integrate generated help into Visual Studio help system including IntelliSense and F1 context sensitive help. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. These members are marked as inherited. The purchased registration key will work with those VSdocman versions.

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Properties Include topics for properties. It doesn’t matter if the new version is a major or just a minor update. NET code commenter and vsdocman generator. Below vsdocman the download archive of the previous releases. What you get with VSdocman: In such a case, VSdocman will show you a message and it will switch to the trial mode. All Methods, Properties, Events and other links are generated properly and parameters descriptions and other sections are also included.

Five documentation apps for .NET developers

The vsdocman can be localized and some languages are vsdocman included. Modules Applies to VB. Even so, Sandcastle is a capable tool and a great starting point for turning your XML comments into documentation. When technical support is required we needed this when switching to VSPeter answered our emails very quickly. If you check this option you will see also all inherited members, e.


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If you want the support for Visual Studio. General Supports C and VB. Supports projects that target any. You can insert tables, lists, pictures, class diagrams, links, colors, bold, italics and other formatting vsdocman in your source code. Let Vsdocman automatically comment your code. Comment editor provides a user-friendly graphical way for editing the comments. If someone posts about vsdoxman vendor issue, allow the vendor or other customers to respond.

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Generates IntelliSense auto-completion tooltips and Object Browser info. Starting with VSdocman 8.

Plus my hope that documentation gets better. You can whether renew your license and get a new key for another year, or install a version released within the supported time period. Make your XML comments better. Vsdocman communication within a teamespecially when a source control is used e. NET programming tools Visual Studio extensions. This is an example of a simple. vsdocman

I created a chm file from the source and compared it with the current one from Vsdocman and noticed that the one from VSDocman looks more complete and has better features. Alan Hyneman, Vsdocman Architect. For example, the “Gets or sets a value indicating whether Create a complete end-user manual with your own topics, such as overview, examples, license agreement, usage descriptions, etc.


Command line mode Generate documentation in a command line mode during your automated builds. You must be a physical person and you must purchase the software with your own funds only.

X may be one vsdocman the most expensive options around, but it could very well be worth the price for your team.

This comment editor is a big improvement over trying to do formatting and markup by hand in the XML comments.