This was inspiring because of how many feelings they transport to the fans. Feral animals and ghosts hiding in the trees agree that this band is the shit. Do you want every record to be different? Please enable JavaScript before proceeding. The album has an energetic techno undertone transfused with the heavy guitar work that is in keeping with their peers such as Asking Alexandria. I think for me it was my first Metallica show, it was great because I just wanted to play guitar like these guys.

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Everyone has a story. What are you, the Rolling Stones, huh?

Interview: We Butter The Bread With Butter – Goldkinder future – Metal Riot

Vocals-wise, WBtBwB has a mixture of auto-tuned wbtbw singing, hoarse screaming and death metal-style growling. Combining my passions, my love of live music with photography, I cover various forms of metal and alternative music with a little punk, reggae and ska goldknider into the mix. I can say Grolsch and fantasize about kinky German women but that is about it.

Upon Desolate Sands Editor Rating. Do you want every record to be different? Wbtbwb goldkinder Most Read Posts. I heard between albums you wrote 80 fucking songs? ExclusiveInterviewsMetal. Wbtbwb goldkinder club atmosphere is more familiar and festivals make you a little more nervous.


Are there any B-sides that survived? We lock ourselves up in one room, we breakfast together, drink some tea, focus on what has to be done and start creating. Better still; up the ante and perhaps attempt some Janne Warman-like Children of Bodom synth madness 1! You just arrive and see what you get, you just have a little bag with clothes and a lot of cables and wbtbwbb. Wbtbwb goldkinder can say you knew ’em when.

We Butter the Bread With Butter. You must be logged in to post a comment. The other thousand memories are blocked by my brain to not get to nostalgic here. Wbtbwb goldkinder makes you vibrant and adventurous as people and musicians?

We Butter the Bread With Butter Discuss ‘Goldkinder,’ Touring the U.S. + More

When did you realize you had these harsh vocals and that you can sing and scream like this? I think when wbtbwb goldkinder recorded the songs every song was so special. Real fans notice the creative core and style and appreciate a band for the courage of trying.

How can a band be that perfect with wbtbwb goldkinder three people? Stefan Glaumann brought wbtbwb goldkinder lot of experience and easily understood what we were aiming for. They also chatted about some live performances that really inspired them and much more. So… My German is limited. Goldkinder stands for a new path, a new experience and also symbolically for your own determination. It was very important to us, to stick to the heavy foundation we got and not to lose our style. The hoarse screaming sounds typical too.


I went on that tangent solely to illustrate how even the bigger scene bands tend to revert back to early inspirations at some point, but WBTBWB are moving forward at light speed into their own uncharted territory.

Paul, you are so soft spoken. Our Most Liked posts. In Germany and Europe, we have a lot of stage equipment, a lot of lights, big stage, pyro, a lot of guitars and basses but when you come over here you have nothing.